Point is there for you!

Point is the community platform for all members of ETH Zurich, from personnel and faculty to students. As an online platform that brings people together, Point celebrates the diversity of ETH Zurich and fosters exchange for a sustainable future. You can write your posts either in English or in German.

Point is there for you!

Do you want to share something great with the ETH Zurich community or do you just want to explore the platform? Then choose one of the four categories.

You can write your posts either in English or in German.


Team up:Join or form a group and get active! Share your passion for hiking, music, or urban gardening and engage for a sustainable future.


Good to know: Highlight interesting spots, share tips and life hacks with your fellow ETH community members.


What happening around you:Attend concerts, vegan cooking courses or your first online yoga session. Explore or organise your own event, and meet other community members.


Sharing is caring:Looking for a vintage bicycle, some pre-loved clothes or a new flat mate? Check out all the offers on the community marketplace.