Point is a brand new community platform for all members of ETH Zurich, from personnel and faculty to students. It connects people, celebrates the diversity of ETH Zurich and fosters exchange for a sustainable future.


Point is there for you.

Point is a peer-to-peer platform. Its content is created exclusively by the ETH community for the ETH community.


Why Point?

In March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic changed all our lives. Restrictions were declared, and our daily routines changed abruptly. With the lockdown of public life, communication changed overnight. Lectures at ETH Zurich moved to the virtual space, virtual meetings became the new standard. At the same time, many members of the ETH community wanted to get involved for the common good. Suddenly, new contacts were made – for instance, by shopping for elderly neighbours and showing solidarity with previously unknown people.

In these times, it is more important than ever to feel part of a community. That why Point was created, as a virtual platform that connects ETH members in their diversity and offers a low-threshold, direct exchange.


What content can you find on Point?

Point focuses on content that strengthens the ETH Zurich community or that is related to social, environmental or economic sustainability – or all of the above. The platform sections are “Groups”, “Tips”, “Events” and “Marketplace”. More about the use of the platform and the different sections can be found in the Community Guidelines.


Who is behind Point?

Point was developed in close cooperation between ETH Sustainability, the unit for sustainability within the Office of the President, SSHE (Safety, Security, Health and Environment department), ETH Corporate Communication and IT Services teaching lab.

The following entities of ETH Zurich have helped to sharpen the functionalities on Point: Staff Commission, Welcome Center, Equal, Student Exchange Office, AVETH (Association of Scientific Staff), Doctoral Administration, VSETH (umbrella organization of students), SSC (Student Sustainability Commission), Student Services, ESN (Erasmus Student Network), ASVZ (Academic Sports Association Zurich), VELOVE (cycling community of the students of Zurich), Bastli (Student electronics laboratory), Second Blends (student organisation promoting sustainable use of clothing) and more.

Will Point be developed further?

Yes, Point starts as a pilot project and will be developed further over time. You are very welcome to send us your ideas and suggestions for the further development to point@ethz.ch. We already have many ideas which additional functionality could be interesting for the community. Unfortunately we cannot implement them all at once.


January 2021


Team up:Join or form a group and get active! Share your passion for hiking, music, or urban gardening and engage for a sustainable future.


Good to know: Highlight interesting spots, share tips and life hacks with your fellow ETH community members.


What happening around you:Attend concerts, vegan cooking courses or your first online yoga session. Explore or organise your own event, and meet other community members.


Sharing is caring:Looking for a vintage bicycle, some pre-loved clothes or a new flat mate? Check out all the offers on the community marketplace.