Point Community Guidelines

This platform is based on a general set of rules, the so-called Community Guidelines.

Point mission statement.

Point is a brand new community platform for all members of ETH Zurich, from personnel and faculty to students. As an online platform that brings people together, Point celebrates the diversity of ETH Zurich and fosters exchange for a sustainable future.

Point is here for you!

Point is a peer-to-peer platform. Its content is created exclusively by the ETH community. Here you will find personal opinions, announcements and discussions. If you are looking for any official ETH Zurich information please visit the ETH website.

Point is ETH only.

You can access the platform as a logged-in user or without login. If you are not logged in, you can see the general overview and short descriptions of the posts.

If you use your ETH login, you will get more information about the posts. The private Groups are exclusively visible if you are logged in.

Only ETH members can post content on Point.

Use the language you prefer.

The general language on Point is English, but when posting you are free to use either English or German.

It all about the content.

Which topics are welcome, and where does Point draw the line?

>> Point focuses on content that strengthens the ETH Zurich community or that is related to social, environmental or economic sustainability – or all of the above. <<

We reserve the right to delete posts that do not meet these objectives, or to ask the authors to remove them.

Point will not tolerate hateful, racist, fascist, sexist, ageist, intolerant, threatening, sexually charged, insulting, slanderous or shocking messages, images or other content. If you post any such content, your account will be blocked.

Generally speaking, the content should be ethically justifiable in all other respects. However, a constructive and respectful discussion of pros and cons on sustainability-critical issues is unobjectionable.

On Point you will find four sections:

a) Groups

Team up: The group section is a great opportunity to connect with like-minded people at ETH Zurich. Here you have the opportunity to share your passion with other group members, exchange ideas and network.

All ETH Zurich members as well as registered ETH Zurich organisations, commissions or associations are welcome to join a group on a specific topic or start a new group. If your group is representing an official (accredited) ETH Zurich organisation, association, or commission or is institutionally belonging to ETH Zurich, you can get an “official ETH” icon next to your group name. Please tick the appropriate checkbox in the form when you add a new group or do so on “manage” in your group-settings.

b) Tips

Are you keen on highlighting interesting spots, share tips and life hacks with your fellow ETH community members? Or do you have a question about where to find a good bike mechanic around ETH? Then let us all know.

c) Events

What happening around you?

Are you planning an exciting event at or outside of ETH Zurich? Have you heard about a sustainability-related event that you want to share with the ETH Zurich community?

Generally, events can be posted, that foster the ETH Zurich community or focus on a sustainable future and are (co)organized by ETH members. We are happy to also share events from outside the ETH community; however, please adhere to at least one of the following criteria:

  • The event is recommended by a university/higher educational institution or partner organization/institution of ETH
  • The event fosters the ETH Zurich community or focuses on sustainability

Please note, that the events that are posted on Point should not be part of the regular ETH research and course catalog and should not be organized for specific departments and administrative divisionsat ETH. For events that fall into the latter category, we recommend using the official ETH events calendar to promote the event. Please, don’t advertise for the same event on both the official ETH events calendar and the Point events calendar! Furthermore, commercial events by private companies are not allowed on Point.

Within the Point Groups all events can be published that may be of interest for the group members whereas the general guidelines for content on Point applies (see paragraph “it all about the content”)

d) Marketplace

Sharing is caring: Would you like to sell a table? Do you have surplus stationery from an event in your department or are you looking for new accommodation? Then the marketplace is the right place.For books we suggest you to use the VSETH Bücherbörse, which is an excellent tool for searching and selling books to the ETH Zurich community. Lecture scripts can be posted on Point; however, we ask you to post several scripts in one post.




Rights and responsibilities.

The ETH Zurich Social Media Guidelines apply (RSETHZ 203.24).


It is your responsibility.

Point is a peer-to-peer platform, meaning that the content is created exclusively by the ETH community. Thus, every user is responsible for the content of their own posts, messages and other interactions.

  • Remember that you need the image rights to upload a photo to the platform.
  • Keep your group(s) active: As a group administrator it is your responsibility to keep your group active. The community managers reserve the right to close groups that have not posted any new content for two months. Of course they will give you a heads-up before removing any groups.
  • Make your group or your posts look nice: always upload an appropriate picture which represents your group or fits well with your post.
  • Make an effort with the description of the content of your group or your post in order that the community understands the goal and the idea of the group.


Publishing your posts.

In the initial phase of the platform, all main posts need to be published through the Point community managers. So please be patient, your post will be published as soon as possible. You are free to change your posts and comments, or delete them directly if no one has commented or reacted to them. As a general rule, the Point community managers donÔÇÖt remove messages or groups once they’ve become part of a discussion that other people have made an effort to participate in. But if youÔÇÖve posted a message or response that, in hindsight, you now feel will haunt you forever, you can send an e-mail to point@ethz.ch explaining why you want it taken down.


Respect the privacy of others.

Do not share the personal details of any third parties (such as their name, address, phone number or e-mail address). Violations of privacy are reason enough for our administration team to remove any message or thread.


Exchange at eye level.

We would like to facilitate a respectful, but also simple and direct exchange. Therefore the rule of thumb is that we address each other by our first names when communicating via the platform.


Note: your messages are in the public domain.

Point may be ÔÇÿETH Zurich onlyÔÇÖ for the purposes of responding to messages and taking part in discussions, but you should remember that anyone could be lurking. Search engines like Google index Point’spublic content, just like any other online content. It’s worth bearing this in mind when you post information or respond to others, especially when commenting on a sensitive topic.


Point is a space for positivity.

Point is a bit like a birthday party: the more the merrier, and guests are expected to behave themselves. Feel free to share constructive feedback or useful experiences. But don’t use the community to air your grievances. If you have a complaint about a group or a person, please contact them directly. If you have a complaint about Point itself, you can send an e-mail to point@ethz.ch.


What else?

Help us keep Point spotless.

Have you come across a broken link? Noticed some incorrect information? Or maybe someone posted a message that you think violates the guidelines? If so, send an e-mail to point@ethz.ch.


The Point community managers have the final say.

The community managers have the right to edit or remove any dubious messages, responses or discussions without stating their reasons. Groups and posts that do not comply with the Community Guidelines may be removed at any time. Of course, we will inform you in advance.


The small print.

Those are the main guidelines. But please note: There’s some small print, too. It’s not a thrilling read, but still very relevant to Point users. So, make sure you click on the data and privacy policy.

We reserve the right to update this Community Guidelines if necessary. the most recent version applies to your visit.


February 2021