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European Championship 21

European Championship 21

This is the official group on Point for the European Championship 2021.

Are you looking for potential betting group members or just want to comment on the EURO 21 or the betting game? Feel free to chat about that with the ETH-community in the Group Chat. There you also find the game rules and the list of the game prizes which you can win as a single player or with your betting group.


Bist du auf der Suche nach potentiellen Tippgemeinschafts-Mitgliedern oder m├Âchtest du einfach nur die EM 21 oder das Tippspiel kommentieren? Dann kannst du dich gerne im Gruppenchat mit der ETH-Community dar├╝ber austauschen. Dort findest du auch die Spielregeln und die Liste der Preise, die du als Einzelspieler*in oder mit deiner Tippgemeinschaft gewinnen kannst.

  • Profile picture of Jamila


    6 months, 2 weeks ago

    Dear all,

    Italy is the European Champion!

    It has been an exciting 4 weeks with you! We hope you enjoyed the betting as much as we did! We are happy to announce the winners of the betting game. As there were several players who achieved the same number of points, the winners were drawn randomly among these participants. The winners will be…Read More

  • Profile picture of Paul


    7 months ago

    hi everyone:) i’m from the team “classic XI” and we’re looking for a third member. currently, we are rank 42. with an average of 54.50 points. it would be lovely if someone would join us, because otherwise we don’t have enough players and will be eliminated..:( feel free to answer here and i’ll send you the password.

  • Profile picture of Audald


    7 months ago

    Hi all, do you have any suggestion where to watch the following games in Z├╝rich? Or maybe some of you are meeting and would accept a stranger?

  • Profile picture of Selim


    7 months ago

    Hi everyone, I form a team with a friend called “ImouMinou” and we are looking for a third member. We are currently at the 41th place with 47.5 points, please feel free to reply here if you have any interest to join us ;). I will send you the password

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    • Selim
      7 months ago
      I’m sorry, I just noticed that it’s too late, so please ignore this message
    • Profile picture of Ioannis Stavropoulos

      Ioannis Stavropoulos

      7 months, 1 week ago

      “the officially determined final result including extra time and penalty shootout always applies.”

      In football betting the 90-minute result usually applies. If a match reaches extra time or penalty shootout which score will be taken into account? It’s unfair to predict the result of a penalty shootout in my opinion.

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